Giggle Reflex

A psychiatry textbook is one of the most boring book a person could ever read. Like, no kidding! A text of nearly 1000 pages with size 7/12 font is not a pleasant experience. Why can’t they make it as interesting as the paediatric textbook with lots of pictures, colours and user-friendly?

I don’t think I would be a good psychiatrist. I have a condition call “giggle reflex”. I laugh at everything including myself. I laugh at the clouds, the stones on the road, when i walk into a wall, when a stranger walks into a wall, when i choke and splutter in the water, when I’m supposed to be serious, when I mix up dance moves, when I don’t understand something, when I’m nervous, when I’m embarrassed..I laugh at anything and everything! And everyone knows being a psychiatrist is all about being able to keep a straight face when the patient tells his tale of being chased by aliens at the cereal aisle in Coles. If it was me asking the patient questions, I would be rolling around on the floor hysterical (they might lock me up in the ward!).

General Practice is another strange experience. After not doing adult medicine for nearly 1/2 a year, being thrown into general practice is a drowning (pun not intended) feeling. My GP doctor is fantastic – she gave me my own room to see patients (and yes, I got to sit in that oh-so-comfortable leather doctor’s chair with my own computer and my own examination table) and I did several injections (after doing lots on artificial skin -the last time I did injections was 2 years ago, mind you- doing a few on real skin feels funny) while doing house visits (imagine me with the black doctor’s bag…scary!!). It was a good day in GP-land.

.:. студент-медика .:.

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Memory Lane

Going through my collection of pictures and I found some old ones, the ones that reminds us of all when we were young and carefree and having no worries at all. Honestly, I can’t remember what year these pictures are taken (maybe the musician can fill you up with that info. I have a rather bad long-term memory!) but do try to spot us!  We were young…  We were free..  Guides ..uhh..Form One (or Two?)..  With the girls at Kinta City. Well, those were the times, eh? Now we’re all older, with more responsibility and more wrinkles (!) but hopefully we all will still keep in touch. (It’s very obvious I have nothing to write about and I should be doing work but am procrastinating!!) The loony meddie (hey, it rhymes!!)

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Pictures Galore

Inspired by Tracy‘s perseverance in writing her travel blog, I’ve put up some of my past travel pics. It’s nothing much but I’m going through a writer’s block (though if you ask some of my friends, they might say I’m going through a mental block) and what better way to update a blog by putting up pictures??

Click the picture above for more!

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‘A period of creative silence’

That’s just this musician’s fancy way of saying I bloody need a break from all that music! but in a nicer, more politically correct way, of course. And yes, I do have my own Travel Log with my day by day account on my recent travels and / or adventures. Just to tempt you, here’s a shot that I took with my trusty Canon PowerShot A400 to show you where I got myself back from.

Picture taken by The Musician – Maori Bay, New Zealand 2006


The Musician

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Scary Scary Scary

The psychiatry ward is scary.

It’s located in front of the main hospital building, isolated from the other normal wards. The corridor is lined with glass windows (maybe to give the outside world a better view of the path to madness) and no matter what time of the day you’re there, it always look dark, it always look like gloomy and there’s never anyone around except for you.

The doors to the main psychiatry ward is locked. As students, we don’t get access and if we want to go in, we’d have to buzz the nurses to get us in. Since it’s our first day of psych, we aren’t seeing any patients. The doctor said we won’t be seeing any until after week 3 and by the looks of everyone, we aren’t very keen about doing that.

The elevator up is scary. The stairways (makes me want to finish that sentence with “to hell” know, like the AC/DC song) is scary. In fact the whole place is scary. The lift is small, yellow lights and…small..the stairways is dark, narrow and ..eerie. Most of the stairways at the hospital is eerie but other parts of the hospital, you’ll meet someone else going up and down. In this part, it’s just you and your own footsteps echoing behind you.

You know the movie Ghotika? Don’t watch it if you’re planning a career in psychiatry. It’s going to haunt you for a long, long time.

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A kiss is still a kiss

You can never forget a good kisser.

You will certainly never forget a very short fling with a good kisser.

And my gosh, did that whole memory of the encounter hit me like a pheromone overdose. I am not the kind to kiss and tell, so all I will say is that nothing happened. As in no baby-making procedures. Just a nice hot wow on a cold night.

How’s that for my first post on Les Trois?

I have the right to blame my hormones. Go ask that meddie.

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An Update In Another World

Check out the medicine category for a recent update!

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Life In The Mad Track

A new semester means a new beginning.

In a way, it’s good to be able to start afresh – open brand new textbooks and read about something as obscure as pseudocyesis. Even though I’m an advocate for secondhand books, there’s nothing like opening a brand new textbook and smelling the fresh smell of a new subject, of knowledge just waiting to be read and to be absorbed by me.

Aahhhh *sigh of contentment*

Two days of laid-back-“so, you’re here for a cough, eh?”-General Practice has been good to my nerves. We are all a bit tired from the insufficient holidays and a nervous wreck from the horrors of exam results. GP is a great change for the 48 hours straight of pregnant women or the 10 hours of non-stop screaming cute brats children. Though, I have a feeling I might encounter the same things in GP, too. Parents come to see their GP for the smallest sniffles a child makes. Like what my sister said: “We’re mostly treating the parents, not the children”. *sigh* That’s just tiring. It’s good that they’re implementing a 24 hour nurse hotline service – call the line if you think you’re sick (but not sick enough to see a doctor).

I’ll be having my first lecture in uni campus for the 1st time in 2 years. Uni campus has change dramatically – it’s like it’s this huge face and it’s been injecting itself with collagen and botox every 6 months (it’s a bad analogy, but I can’t really think of anything else actually). I just hope I don’t loose my way because that can be rather embarrassing. All I know is that my 9a.m lecture is near the anatomy dissecting room – so if I do get lost, just follow the stench of dead people!

I’m starting my psychiatry rotation on Thursday, too. Friends who’ve had their first and second day of psych rotation all say the psych rotation docs are as entertaining as the psych patients.

Now, that would be fun!

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Let’s start from the very beginning….

hello, hola, howdy, hi ya, apa khabar, ni hao, hey, aloha to everyone who’s kindly visited the 1st entry of this fantabulous blog (which is manage by three -well.currently two unless we can blackmail..uhh.. coerce her to join this excellent conglomerate)..

look out for the next installment of ours, it could be anything

by the way, it’s french for “the three” (the three of us) in case you’re wondering

Bringing together friends from 3 continents: Two Meddies, One Musician, and a Blog!

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