Life In The Mad Track

A new semester means a new beginning.

In a way, it’s good to be able to start afresh – open brand new textbooks and read about something as obscure as pseudocyesis. Even though I’m an advocate for secondhand books, there’s nothing like opening a brand new textbook and smelling the fresh smell of a new subject, of knowledge just waiting to be read and to be absorbed by me.

Aahhhh *sigh of contentment*

Two days of laid-back-“so, you’re here for a cough, eh?”-General Practice has been good to my nerves. We are all a bit tired from the insufficient holidays and a nervous wreck from the horrors of exam results. GP is a great change for the 48 hours straight of pregnant women or the 10 hours of non-stop screaming cute brats children. Though, I have a feeling I might encounter the same things in GP, too. Parents come to see their GP for the smallest sniffles a child makes. Like what my sister said: “We’re mostly treating the parents, not the children”. *sigh* That’s just tiring. It’s good that they’re implementing a 24 hour nurse hotline service – call the line if you think you’re sick (but not sick enough to see a doctor).

I’ll be having my first lecture in uni campus for the 1st time in 2 years. Uni campus has change dramatically – it’s like it’s this huge face and it’s been injecting itself with collagen and botox every 6 months (it’s a bad analogy, but I can’t really think of anything else actually). I just hope I don’t loose my way because that can be rather embarrassing. All I know is that my 9a.m lecture is near the anatomy dissecting room – so if I do get lost, just follow the stench of dead people!

I’m starting my psychiatry rotation on Thursday, too. Friends who’ve had their first and second day of psych rotation all say the psych rotation docs are as entertaining as the psych patients.

Now, that would be fun!

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