Scary Scary Scary

The psychiatry ward is scary.

It’s located in front of the main hospital building, isolated from the other normal wards. The corridor is lined with glass windows (maybe to give the outside world a better view of the path to madness) and no matter what time of the day you’re there, it always look dark, it always look like gloomy and there’s never anyone around except for you.

The doors to the main psychiatry ward is locked. As students, we don’t get access and if we want to go in, we’d have to buzz the nurses to get us in. Since it’s our first day of psych, we aren’t seeing any patients. The doctor said we won’t be seeing any until after week 3 and by the looks of everyone, we aren’t very keen about doing that.

The elevator up is scary. The stairways (makes me want to finish that sentence with “to hell” know, like the AC/DC song) is scary. In fact the whole place is scary. The lift is small, yellow lights and…small..the stairways is dark, narrow and ..eerie. Most of the stairways at the hospital is eerie but other parts of the hospital, you’ll meet someone else going up and down. In this part, it’s just you and your own footsteps echoing behind you.

You know the movie Ghotika? Don’t watch it if you’re planning a career in psychiatry. It’s going to haunt you for a long, long time.

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