Memory Lane

Going through my collection of pictures and I found some old ones, the ones that reminds us of all when we were young and carefree and having no worries at all. Honestly, I can’t remember what year these pictures are taken (maybe the musician can fill you up with that info. I have a rather bad long-term memory!) but do try to spot us!  We were young…  We were free..  Guides ..uhh..Form One (or Two?)..  With the girls at Kinta City. Well, those were the times, eh? Now we’re all older, with more responsibility and more wrinkles (!) but hopefully we all will still keep in touch. (It’s very obvious I have nothing to write about and I should be doing work but am procrastinating!!) The loony meddie (hey, it rhymes!!)

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  1. hey! i have those pics also!! 🙂 hahaha

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