Giggle Reflex

A psychiatry textbook is one of the most boring book a person could ever read. Like, no kidding! A text of nearly 1000 pages with size 7/12 font is not a pleasant experience. Why can’t they make it as interesting as the paediatric textbook with lots of pictures, colours and user-friendly?

I don’t think I would be a good psychiatrist. I have a condition call “giggle reflex”. I laugh at everything including myself. I laugh at the clouds, the stones on the road, when i walk into a wall, when a stranger walks into a wall, when i choke and splutter in the water, when I’m supposed to be serious, when I mix up dance moves, when I don’t understand something, when I’m nervous, when I’m embarrassed..I laugh at anything and everything! And everyone knows being a psychiatrist is all about being able to keep a straight face when the patient tells his tale of being chased by aliens at the cereal aisle in Coles. If it was me asking the patient questions, I would be rolling around on the floor hysterical (they might lock me up in the ward!).

General Practice is another strange experience. After not doing adult medicine for nearly 1/2 a year, being thrown into general practice is a drowning (pun not intended) feeling. My GP doctor is fantastic – she gave me my own room to see patients (and yes, I got to sit in that oh-so-comfortable leather doctor’s chair with my own computer and my own examination table) and I did several injections (after doing lots on artificial skin -the last time I did injections was 2 years ago, mind you- doing a few on real skin feels funny) while doing house visits (imagine me with the black doctor’s bag…scary!!). It was a good day in GP-land.

.:. студент-медика .:.

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