I reckon it’s time for a quick update!

We’re obviously very busy people.

I’m busy attending to err..some very colourful people and don’t even have time to sleep.Okay, scratch that. I’m a chronic insomniac and my sleeping habits have always been blergh. But yeah, psychiatry is very enjoyable though I don’t think I want to make it as a career. It’s very subjective and I prefer things to be in black and white but it’s still a very interesting field!

After nearly one month of no news, we’ve finally track down (or is it tracked down?? is there a past tense for ‘track’?) meddie number 2. It seems her email addy’s gone haywire so she didn’t receive any news about our fantastic project. Hopefully after this we’ll hear some news from her!

Mad Meddie and Musician Maestro in Newcastle 2006

Two gorgeous girls in a gorgeous part of Australia. 

I need another holiday!!!

(I just realised I’m a whinger! Hahaha)

Till next time,

.:. студент-медика .:.

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