Greetings From Edinburgh!!!

Hey there y’all!

So here I am, all the way in the land of the Scots. Edinburgh is everything i imagined…and soo much more! To be honest, before i flew over, i was a little apprehensive about forming such high expectations about edinburgh, but i couldn’t help it! and to my delight, edinburgh didn’t dissappoint.

Princes street is, as modern legend has it, a street with an unbelievably picturesque view, and well, i must confess to developing a new potentially pocket-damaging lightning reflex when picking up items and paying them. when i’m shopping till my metatarsal joints hurt, adrenaline pumping, i also feel this sense of serenity, coz there’s something about this city that sort of encourages me to pause, reflect and just enjoy the moment.

I also had this TORTUOUS climb up to arthur’s seat, which is a hill just on the outskirts of the city. but the aches and dypnoea i experiences were worth it. when i reached the top of arthur’s seat, i paused for a moment, took in the air and thought to myself, “Now this is what I came here for. I’m really here. Wow.”

Edinburgh is inspiring, cold, and though larger than life, it’s still warm and friendly. i can finally say this, “I’m in love.”


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