Life after a student – if there is any..*snort*

This blog needs an update and who better to do it then someone who’s been working 10 hour shifts for the past 4 days from 2pm – 12 midnight?

Hehe..anyway, I digress (or however you spell it).

I have actually FINISHED med no kidding..goodbye “Hello, I’m Bariah..I’m a medical student, is it okay if I have a chat with you on why you’re in the hospital” and hello “I’m Bariah..I’m one of the doctors who’ll be looking after you today. How may I help you?” a doctor?? It just seems so surreal!!

Graduation day was fun fun fun fun fun..from the parts that I can know sometimes you might have the day of you life and it just passes you by so quickly and all you can remember is a feeling? Thats how graduation day was for me – it was hot(40 degrees Celsius) and sweaty (thick robe, stuffy cap, lots of people stuffed into a hall) and smiley (ppl taking pics with you, flowers, presents, kisses, hugs, thank yous)..

and before you know’re at the bottom of the food-chain..again.

There I was – the almighty finalyear med student (all you other meddies, bow to us!!!) and before I knew it, I am now an intern working (working!!!!!*hyperventilates*) in a pretty busy emergency department.

For those who loves medical tv shows and am thinking of a career in medicine because of it: life as a doctor is NOTlike grey’s anatomy (my bosses aren’t that hot) or house (I wish we had that much money to waste on all those fancy tests) or ER (not that dramatic..but since I’m currently working in the ED, I do get quite a rush of adrenaline running around trying to see several patients at the same time) or even scrubs (if only my life is as funny as theirs).

1st week of work is always traumatising– I nearly passed out on the first day of work. Not to mention my 1st patient yells at everything – try sticking a needle into her. I’ve never heard such colourful language from an 80 year old. 2nd day was a bit eventful – my bosses somehow thought I had good input (which is funny) but unfortunately I couldn’t sleep that night which made my 3rd day bad– the staff thought I was slow..hey, the last time I stitched up a person’s large bleeding gash on the head was…never okay. I only left the hospital at 1.30a.m. The good thing about 3rd day was there was quite a few emergency emergencies and I’ve -thank god- managed to find a vein and stick a huge-ass needle in their arm. It’s hard enough ppl telling you you’re slow but then ppl yelling “it’s an emergency..get to it!!!!”. 4th day was okay..a bit more confidence in sticking needles -though we all have our hits and misses- but I just realised you can go far with a smile and ‘pleases & thank yous’. Patients are definitely nicer with me, and staff seems to be quite pleasant as well. Good manners does is definitely a good thing to practice!!

As you can see: I have no life. It’s hard to have one when you’re spending nearly half the day working and the other half sleeping to prepare you for work.

I can say goodbye to my so-called social life (if I ever had one in the first place..*snort*). 

If there is such a thing as a ‘mail-ordered bridegroom’ (well, maybe there is!), then that is definitely for me.

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  1. omg…you’re SO prompting me to write about MY past year as a full-fledge working member of society.

    coming soon!

  2. You SO have to write your past year!!!!!

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