My Turn

This blog is the brainchild of three then university students studying their individual passions of medicine and music. This blog is meant to be an outlet between friends with a similar stress level – just different passionate reasons.

The silence on this blog is a testament to the busy lives we lead chasing our dreams in real-time, dealing with consequences, and wondering sometimes why we chose to entertain our passion.

Especially on days like today.

Approximately fifteen minutes ago, I gave my student a verbal lashing.

(Oh, by the way I work full time now)

Yesterday she asked if her alto group could clock in earlier for sectionals before the rest of the choir turned up. That means an earlier morning for me. Now, a regular Tuesday doesn’t require me to start work til 11am to recover from a 14 hour teaching schedule the day before.

So I woke up this morning – the grandest time of 6.30am. And debated with myself. Is it worth the lack of sleep? I don’t have to do it if I didn’t want to. But I shouldn’t say no to a bunch of students who were willing to make the collective effort to improve.

Battled the early morning jam. Opened the doors of the academy. Waited.

70% of the group showed up at their stipulated time. Doing nothing. No thing. Head honcho showed up half an hour late. She went to pick up a fellow chorister whom she failed to inform of the earlier time. Failed to inform, ladies and gentlemen.

And that was why I let her have it.

Because it pisses me off when students take my kindness for granted and leaders do not take responsibility.

So now I sit here, venting. While the whole choir rehearses out in the main area. They need to learn a lesson in taking charge and running independent rehearsals. I am their choir coach and technically, I paid for the rental of this rehearsal venue, not them. So I call the shots.

If they do not appreciate my supporting them, I will take my passion elsewhere once the whole choir competitions are over.

I wish I were by the beach sipping a latte while snacking on calamari rings and chips.

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