Update from the Bush


It’s been 3 months since I’ve started work and life hasn’t the same since.

Working is definitely harder than studying – the responsibility that you carry is sometimes just so enormous and you keep thinking “this person’s life is in myhands” and it can overwhelm you. It has overwhelm me many times – and in those times, I tell myself to breath and swallow my panic quickly because patients know when you panic. Acting and looking confident is important in this field.

So i’m currently in a rural hospital for 10 weeks – rural Australia is probably not as bad as some might imagine it to be – yes, there are rolling fields around me with back & white cows grazing lazily in them but no, I don’t work in a shabby tin hospital with no beds and no water and no electricity. It’s a pretty small hospital –  we all know each other so well that we probably know what each ate for dinner last night – but we’re just too polite to point out that the rice was under-cook. The town is small itself – it’s hard not to go out for dinner with friends and find your patients sitting next to you/ serving you/ taking your order. What else to do but smile and ask how are they doing.

My form of entertainment after work is the idiot box. I can feel my IQ slowly draining away as I watch anything and everything on TV. And when you watch tv, you tend to eat – so thats what I’ve been doing, watching and eating. Now, I’m trying to find a new hobby – online shopping. Surprisingly I can’t seem to find anything nice that I want to buy. I like going to shops to shop! I like the fact I can try on a piece of clothing, swing a bag on my shoulder or tottle in heels around the store. Internet shopping feels blergh but oh so convenient!

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday…yeay!

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