‘Being single’ Discrimination!

Sometimes I don’t understand people.

I love my girlfriends..I so do. But I don’t love it when they decide to leave their friends high and dry for their bf. I’m sorry for being single, I’m sorry for not having a significant somebody to spend more time with and I’m sorry if I go all out to meet up with them when their bf’s gone out with ‘the boys’ or gone out hunting for the weekend and they so need a friend ..but when I need to talk to them on the phone for something important to me, they can’t answer the phone because they’re too busy with their significant other.

Single bashing, I tell you.

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Be-stressed, bothered, and bewildered

So I have this predicament.

Bitched if I do, and damned if I don’t. That kind.

I have new music to premiere in a few months. Music that will make or break me. Beautiful music that I could hear in my mind. All I have to do is notate it in the best possible arrangement. Music that I know I will be happy with.

But what if I am not happy with the group that I am commissioned to write for?

What if I can somehow foresee that some performers will not be able to deliver my music in the style requested?

I’m so f*cked. It’s a big deal for me.

I keep reminding myself that music is for the masses. Use my music as a contribution to society. Blah blah. I shouldn’t be so hard-up or selfish, even, to take it so personally. It’s just a bad debut performance of my music. As long as the performers enjoy delivering it, right?


I know I will eventually get to that state of mind. But right now, I still feel like I’m having my knickers in a knot over this issue.

Musicians were not born as sensible, logical, and practical beings. I have the license to be emotional and slightly manic. And show traits of obsessive compulsiveness.

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