A little older…

Oh, hi..

Two years is a long time to be silent. Or maybe two years is the period of time it takes to get things into perspective. Or at least try to.

Love found. Love lost. Love gone forever. Love met by sheer coincidence.

“All you need is Love” – The Beatles

I am of firm opinion that The Beatles have got it all wrong. All we need, actually, is simplicity in thought, logical mindset, feet planted firmly on the (amidst shaky) ground, strong support, and regular spa treatments (but more on that later). If we survived on love alone, we would result in seeing carnage all around and realize that the proverbial blood is on our hands. Because we are dramatically tragic like that. Why else do you think tv stations thrive on selling-out human emotion via reality tv shows (no matter how degrading some are)? Because we connect to tragedy and drama. Because we are such beautiful realities of both elements.

We all know how depressive Christmas can get. A lot of time to reflect on… everything. And I realize that to love is to be realistic in making it work… not relying on hormones, pheromones, or romantic music from ancient gramophones.

There is a time to love… and there is a time to mourn for love lost. It never gets easier. Ten years down the road and I’m still struggling. Some days are easier than others. And in this case, a little older doesn’t equate to a little wiser. Just… a little more… introspective.

But that’s just my take. Perhaps the two meddies can shed some light while I go translate thoughts into songs.

~ The Musician

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  1. *hugs*

    and I hate that Beatles song!!

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