What Is and What Should Never Be

The Musician’s previous entry has given me enough courage to drag myself from my lethargy stupor of the world and have found some tangential thoughts to yap about.

(that’s a good thing…I hope)

Whoa..two years eh..for some people, that’s like a lifetime…especially to those two year olds..and I can speak for myself and the others here that many things can -and have happened- in two years.. the emotions and experiences that we’ve all gone through feels like a lifetime. Empires are made and destroyed, the stock market (it’s money that you can’t live without, brutally speaking! The Beatles had no idea what they’re talking about but Pink Floyd -who actually had a song called “Money” was spot on!!) peaks and crashes, lives are made and then poof! they’re gone.

I have my moments of ups and downs in these past two years as well. After what’s happened this year (If you don’t know what happened this year, please read about it here) I could feel my life spiralling downwards, or using the great Led Zeppelin (I have a Jimmy Page late 60′s till mid 70′s crush currently -the hair!!!! the dragon suits!!!!- so please excuse my Led Zeppelin references :P )’s song – trampled under foot.  And as you fall further and further down, you can’t help wonder what are you going to land on? Is there going to be someone there to catch your fall or are you going to go smack on to the ground (and break a few vertebras at the same time)?  The main question is, do you want to stop falling downwards? Will you ever find the ledge to hold on to to stop yourself from falling further?

Useless rhetorical questions, in my humble opinion.

Ah, but I digress.

The word of the day, children is “despair”. Google says (yup, Google actually talks me me nowadays!) despair is defined as a “state in which all hope is lost or absent” but there is an Italian quote that says ”Hope is last to die” (“La speranza è l’ultima a morire”)..so what does it mean not to have hope anymore?

Please excuse me while I go and dwell on it…until my next entry..hmm.



(a.k.a the perpetually smirking, jaded looking, lost feeling meddie)

p/s: I will try to be more cheerful in my next update 😛

pp/s: if you enjoy morbid thoughts though (I might know a good shrink if you’re interested in healing), find more unhappy entries here.

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