Sick Again

We never say anything when we’re well..we never go around telling people how well we are, how cool our body temperature is today, how when we blew our nose this morning there was no funny looking nose stuff.

It all changes when we’re sick.

The WHOLE world has to know how you woke up this morning with a headache the size of Texas, how you cough up something that looks like the cat’s hairball but grosser, how you can’t eat/drink/think/talk/do other bodily functions as you feel sick.

Why? because we are all more vulnerable when we’re unwell.. what we want to do is wrap ourselves in several layers of thick sweaters and stay under the doona (or duvet as the rest of the world would call it :P) and a loved one to be around to tell us everything is going to be okay.

If you live alone (like me) and with no close family members around (ditto) and with no loved one as well (I’m beginning to sound pathetic here), being sick is something I hate..not just the whole “I’m-so-unwell” situation but the fact that it highlights how isolated I am. If you’ve experienced a death of a loved one before (or have been in a near-death situation), you feel like death is lurking around every corner – in fact, you think about it all the time. The thing I keep wondering is: if something bad happens to me, will someone save me before it’s too late or will they only find me when my corpse starts omitting a foul smell? or worse still, half eaten by the cat?

Okay..that’s not really the point of this entry.

The point is…being sick sucks.

(Nothing like being succinct in the end)

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