Blueberry Hill

Hello everybody!

Im slightly overdosed with sugar (christmas time means loads of chocs, lollies and cake at work) and I have a day off tomorrow…totally Yeay for me :).

So speaking about food, Melbourne is the place to be when it comes to eating out (the other two might want to disagree with me on this!) but you can always find a fabulous cafe/restaurant/hole-in-the-wall no matter what your budget is. Fancy a cheap, filling utterly exotic place of something? You can find that here…or does a 100 dollar appetizer is what you’re after? Melbourne can cater that for you as well :).

I love eating out – it means I get to break out a nice pair of shoes, dress up/ down (depending on my mood or where am I going…thankfully no one takes dress codes very seriously here so I have found myself wearing jeans n casual tops in a restaurant full of women wearing LBDs and men in suits) and time to socialize with friends..or not if you just want to have time with yourself. I go out for dinner with friends loads but if I was given the chance to choose or it was my turn to pick when to go for a nice meal with friends – I always aim to go out for brekkie.

I admit lots of people are not keen to meet up for breakfast. I’m an early riser so morning times are good for me but then most places serve breakfast until 12pm or even 3pm! I like the fact that I can rock up to a cafe/ restaurant and have a freshly brewed cup of latte (I take my coffee very seriously), a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (I prefer a glass of fresh grapefruit juice), baked eggs with dukkah/ freshly grilled sardines/ blossom-water vanilla french toast ( don’t they all sound so exotic?) and some nice conversation with friends or reading the latest news on your iPad? Haha.

Of course after such a filling brekkie you have the whole day -outside- to do something 🙂

The whole world feels at ease when you lean back in your chair, the warm morning sun in the sky and you’re enjoying your second cup of latte.

Neat 🙂


the wanna-be melbournian  (how long do you have to live in Melbourne before you can call yourself a  real “melbournian?”) foodie meddie

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  1. Turkish perfeck chair models. 🙂 is good chair models.

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