Some days can be the most perfect Melbourne day.

You wake up in the morning and find the day to be gloomy and cold (in summer!) but hey, it’s biggie.. get into the city really early to have brekkie at a hidden shop in one of the small alleyways in the CBD  to have gorgeous fresh toast with homemade jam and lovely coffee..lovely chat with friend and reading the news.

After brekkie, head off to the fav bookshop in front of the place:

Then heading off towards the middle of town,

look at a few things -with the weather still being shitty temperamental and grab coffee on the go in a hole-in-the-wall cafe with strangers sitting around a table drinking lattes and espressos..

decor of the place

Then spending the afternoon in a bookshop drinking tangerine (Tangerine, Tangerine, Living reflection from a dream;
I was her love she was my queen, And now a thousand years between!!*
)+grapefruit iced tea while reading Burroughs..

I reckon you can’t go wrong if you spend a day off like Melbourne 🙂

*I can’t help adding some Led Zep there..hahaha

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  1. hey…i remember that coffee place with the chairs hung from the ceiling!!! and i miss melb oh so much…our brekkie was mighty impressive!

    • Merry Christmas Trace!!

      I think Melbourne suits you a’s very sophisticated and cultured..which you are :). Come down to Melbourne again!! 🙂

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