Celebration Day (or is it?)

Happy Boxing Day!!

Don’t ask me why December 26 is called so (I suggest asking Prof Wiki) but the big tradition is to go shopping..haha..maybe tradition is not the appropriate word..hmm..but yes, over here shops open at 5a.m on Boxing Day and people in the millions go shopping for bargains. I’ve gone Boxing Day shopping once in my life and regretted it. In fact, I had such an awful time (and did not end up buying anything!!) that I’ve never gone shopping on December 26 again..well, except for online but then it’s not really the same, is it? But sometimes online shopping would be a better idea – especially on Dec 26. You line up for eons to try something, then you line up again to pay for it. You can’t get that pair of shoes that you want (because every other person has the same size as you) and you can’t get that nice kettle you’ve been eyeing on because it’s NOT on sale..how rude of them! So, I avoid shopping on Boxing Day like the plague (you can’t really avoid the plague, can you? if you catch it, you just do and die..miserably) and decide if I really need something (honestly, when do I really need anything?), I’ll go on the days after Boxing Day or even after the new year..the sales will still be there, the shoes/kettle/top might not but you’ll find something else, you always do. The trick to Boxing Day shopping is strategy – you either go really early/late or check out the stuff you want prior to Boxing Day – especially clothes, try them on and remember the sizes so that you can just grab them on Boxing Day and leave- same goes with shoes, never linger around – how can you linger when 5 million others are lingering as well? Unfortunately, I can’t be bothered to shop strategically – I like to linger..I like looking at things, then having a sit down and a cuppa and then look at the things again but you can’t do that on Dec 26, while you think about ordering that cup of latte, millions of others are doing the same thing as well..people are quite predictable you know…it’s like posting a question on Google search box – you might think you’re posting something totally unasked by any man in the universe but surprise, surprise, someone’s asked that question in a forum!! Lucky!! Shopping is so stressful, man. I’m this close to say “bye-bye” on shopping for good – I get angry, I become poor and tired and cranky. I have enough shoes & bags to last me for quite sometime..so, I’m good..haha.

The Rambling Meddie

(and no, I’m not on drugs..haha)

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