Stuck In The Middle

I would like to whinge.

When I was in school, I whinged a lot – I complained about exams, tuition classes, uniforms, exams, lack of money, uniforms, regimental parents, exams, know the whole I-hate-school cry. I could not wait to be in college/ university!

When I was in uni, I whinged even more – I whinged about my lack of concentration, non-stop lectures from who-teaches-bloody-pathology-at-7.30a.m classes, dissecting cadavers, noisy dorm parties, lack of money, exams, nothing-to-wear-to-class-and-how-I-wished-I-had-uniforms, friends or lack of, money, exams, tutorials, parties – everything! I wanted to start working ASAP.

Then I started work – and my whinging was becoming critical. I cried about shitty working hours (6.30a.m until 10.30pm everyday??!!), little pay, lots of debts (read: lots of designer shoes), car, lack of car, housemates (love ’em or hate ’em but can’t live without ’em), money, nothing to wear to work, how I wish I was doing something else, lack of social life, going out every night and coming back super late in the morning and then working again at 6.30am, more debts, how i love/hate my job, i love/hate my boss. I wished I was back in school!!!

One day, you come full cycle and find yourself studying..again.

Of course it’s not technically going back to school but studying is studying (read: annoyingly difficult). It’s more difficult when you’re working – you find yourself at work for 12-14 hours, rushing back home and gulping dinner and then hitting the books (not hitting the bottle unfortunately..though there are some days I wish I could!) trying to cram in as much as informations as your poor saturated brain can take. Whinging? how about phenomenally so – time management, study groups (trying to get a bunch of doctors to meet up for anything -social or academic- is almost or two will either be working/ sleeping from night shift/ family stuff), money issues – college fees, exam fees, union fees, “oh I failed my exam?” 2nd exam fees, textbooks, shrink fees, yada-yada fees. Sleep deprivation – waking up after falling asleep on your “textbook of pharmacology for health professionals” for the millionth time – praying the last chapter you read went into your brain through osmosis, study table full of junk – textbooks, Led Zeppelin CDs, Jack Kerouac, pens, pencils, coffee cups, pills, painkillers, money – lets study on my big king-sized bed: sleeping space 1/10th, studying space 99% of bed littered with pens, pencils, glue, eraser, textbooks, paper everywhere; coffee/saliva/blood/pen ink stain on your physiology textbook, anger issues, I’ve-gain-x-amount-of-weight-from-eating-while-studying shrieks, weddings, break-ups, shitty working hours, jaded view of the world, the whole caboodle.

*exhale slowly*

Life’s great!!!!

I will now go spend some time with beloved textbook.

Trying to study on bed (study desk has too much junk) with textbook & cat


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  1. i want cat (musician)

  2. cat (a.k.a miki) wants to go on a trip to malaysia. he also likes long walks on the beach and romantic candlelight dinners 🙂 oh and apparently he likes studying *as I try to pry him off my textbook* 😛

  3. …oooh quite a character you got there, must be a ladies’ man. what language do you converse in with him?

  4. mainly “growl-shriek” language – he growls at me and I shriek at him..we understand each other very well 🙂

  5. lovely…just lovely…

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