Being a responsible member of society

I had all the resolution in the world last night to wake up at 7am today for a nice jog around the secured gated community I’m living in. You know, burning the holiday calories.

Well, thank goodness it rained because I didn’t feel like unravelling myself from the thick covers.


As I’m sitting here waiting for the coffee to kick in, I scanned my iCal – mentally patted my back for compiling all my work commitments in there, but sighing at the massive amount of stuff. Trying to channel the Oprah-positivity, I told myself to stay inspired.

And I realized I dress better when I’m unwell.

And so, I will make a vow to present myself tastefully (and have fun going through the wardrobe daily, even if it means waking up earlier) so that I am not a hazard to society. The world has enough crappy people who spread their stress to any passersby.

And some morning music played by Kate to get my daily soundtrack in my head won’t hurt either.

Thank God it’s Thursday (who cares about Friday?).


The Musician

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  1. I used to make an effort as well – whenever I feel like crap, I’d make an effort to wear make-up (I normally don’t) and nice red lipstick. But now, I don’t..hmm..if I’m sick, I kinda want to whole world to know..hahah

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