Ramble On

As I am as tangential as a centipede (that’s the first thing I thought..I don’t think centipedes are tangential though..they look quite serious..for a bug :P) but feel the need to express myself, here’s some short tidbit thoughts currently running through my head:

As I listen to my 70′s rock songs (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd), read my drug related books (Burrough’s The Soft Machine, Kerouac’s Visions of Cody) and grow my hair to 70′s length, I realised that I was born in the wrong decade.


Oh god, oh god, oh god…I want to read this book soooooooooooooo bad but I so need to study. I looked like a total fool at work for not knowing stuff. Grr…but I so need to read this fiction.


What is wrong with this cat? why is he always on his back? Does he have some kind of spinal feline disease that needs operating?

God, I should go out for a run but honestly, sitting in bed with a bag of pretzels and reading a FICTION book is so much fun!

DANG DANG DANG DANG DA-DA-DANG, DA-DA-DA-DA-DA DANG DANG DA-DA-DANG (How to hum Led Zeppelin’s blues-metal Heartbreaker riff as per Nick Hornby’s Songbook – see, I do read books that don’t relate to drugs..well maybe)

Is it crazy to carry around a hot cup of latte while walking when it’s 40 degrees outside? It’s not 40 degrees yet but hey, it might be soon.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, i do read drug books!! Look, I’m reading textbook of pharmacology..getit? drugs? getit? getit?

Whoa..it’s already Thursday??

Haha, the cat squeaks a lot.

I would love some paella now.

I just bought myself a battery-operated pencil sharpener and it’s the coolest thing ever!! *eagerly sharpens every pencil that she sees*

Facebook is like, so yesterday 😛


Is there such a thing as “abstract fiction”?

*yawn* *yawn*


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  1. you’re pimpin’ your cat on this blog, aren’t ya?

  2. well, he’s technically not mine..he’s my housemate’s but yes, I am ..pimping him, I mean..haha

    he’s kinda cute..in a feline, fur ball, flurry kind of way..hahaha. he says hello by the way 🙂

    (i’ve given up on the correct usage of punctuations à la ee cummings..haha)

  3. how many hahas can you say in one reply?

    a lot, says B 😛

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