Houses Of The Holy

2011 means that I’ve been in Melbourne for 9 years…whoa, 9 years..that’s actually quite a long time.

How long do you have to live in a city before you can call yourself a native of that place? I remember in an episode of “Sex and the City”, Carrie asked the same question – I think she said you can start calling yourself a New Yorker after living in NY for 10 years – does that rule apply for Melbourne as well?

Should one person find a city they like and live there forever? Should one stay for a few years and then leave? Do you ever feel bored of where you are? If you are bored, when do you leave…if fact, how do you leave a place that you’ve invested so many years in?

I tell my friends that I’m bored of Melbourne but at the same time I can’t leave it. Not just because of financial/ logistic issues (yes, yes, I know I have a lot of books/ shoes/ bags – but honestly, if I wanted to I can sell them all!) but because Melbourne and I…we have a relationship going on here. Sure there are days when I hate Melbourne – the sunny days with bitterly cold wind, the 40+ degrees summer and hot sweaty nights, the icy cold wind, the public transport..and some days I just find myself giddy as a school girl (I was never a giddy school girl..not that I can remember) when it comes to Melbourne – stepping on an extremely crunchy leaf, singing in the rain, the way the Yarra River looks in the morning, the coffee culture, the arts centre, the bookshops, the small laneways, the people. Like any relationship, you have your ups and downs but one day you wake up and wonder, do I really want all this?

And I’ve woken up with that thought many many times.

Dear Melbourne, leaving you would be extremely difficult. Unless there’s a damn good reason to do so (love? money? family?) I might not be able to say goodbye..just yet…but I’m sure one day I will find the courage to pack up my bags and just go – and not regret it.

A small obscure cafe, a latte and today’s paper – the best way to spend a morning in Melbourne (on a non-working day of course :P)

For the meantime, Melbourne is home :).


p/s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY PAGE!!!!!!! I still think you’re a gorgeous gorgeous man!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

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