Dream On

I read mainly because I like it – it gives me the perfect opportunity to escape reality (though with an overactive imagination, I can escape reality just by tilting my head to the side..somewhat like JD in “Scrubs”) and I also do loads of reading because I have to – exams, anyone?

Honestly, if it was a good day, great weather, lovely everything..reading a textbook can be less of a chore. Most medical textbooks -if you can believe it- are written by sardonic people..there’s always an element of dry humour and a sarcasm remark here and there – about the art of medicine, the symptoms we see, the way we approach things. Of course things are always funnier when you’re reading it in a hysterical mode (which I always am) – and you are always somewhat hysterical when you find yourself cramming 200 pages in 24 hours ..for a much stressed study group.

Fiction on the other hand..well, if it’s the I-can’t-put-it-down books, you find yourself racing to finish it. If it was so good, you make plans to read it again. Once in a while you find one of those slow simmering ones..the ones that tells you to slow down and live the whole story in your head – and when you do find one of those books, get a non-working day/ a relaxing holiday and pour all over it..it’s worth it. Though, if you’re like me (all work, no play), then make it a daily thing – read a bit from the book everyday and savour it..like everything good, it needs to be savoured.

Happy reading everyone!


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