Have A Drink On Me

The horror! The horror!

I think I’m lactose intolerant.

I admit, I’m a hypochondriac but this self-diagnosis (prevalent among doctors) seems absolutely true. These past few months, I’ve been getting more bloated with associated nausea, abdo cramps and diarrhoea after drinking my morning coffee – I’ve had this before but I thought it happens so rarely but nowadays it’s every time I drink a cup of coffee..and the horror!!! I mean, I need coffee and I’m still drinking my coffee with milk (I have an odd machiato or espresso once in a while) but usually a skinny latte is the way for me..but howwwwww am I going to survive with no milk in my life?!

*waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssssss loudly*

I just realised something: I might have to switch to soy lattes…





goodbye bovine milk 😦

now…what do I do with the 3 litres of milk I have in the fridge?


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  1. hmmm, then i *may* have a similar case as you. i always thought a good cuppa in the morning helped me…uh, kickstart my bowels for the day (omg i can’t believe i said that in cyberspace!). But maybe i’m lactose intolerant too? I’m confused. I need my skinny latte. That’s the only way I have my coffee. Like a liquid bantal busuk you know? helppp…

  2. here’s something useful i read – almost 90% of asians have a degree of lactose intolerance! the older we get, the less enzymes we have for lactose digestion and in some the symptoms only appear in adulthood. full cream milk is easier on the tummy and so is soy milk..oh and also yogurt.. but skinny/ non-fat milk has more lactose meaning more upsetting for our poor tummies. everyone has different degrees of symptoms – tummy upset, bloating, diarrhoea, nausea. most ppl can tolerate up to a cup of skim milk..but it all depends on you 🙂

    for me, skinny milk doesn’t sit (literally) very well – so i’m slowing accepting skinny soy milk or if i really want a proper cup of latte, i’ll order a normal one..or just stuff it and drink an espresso!

    it’s hard, i agree 😦

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