A good friend said that every night before we go to bed, we should write three things that we are thankful for..life is not as glass half-empty as we like to think..sometimes it can be half-full.

Since I haven’t updated this blog (or any blog for that matter) for eons, I thought that this would be a good start:

1. I am thankful for my parents for being supportive of my life choices through such hard times

2. I m thankful for my sister – her out of the blue quips on twitter always brighten my day

3. my late brother – for an amazing childhood and the fond memories


It doesn’t get any easier..honestly. I still cry when I think about the day. I still remember my sister’s voice on the phone telling me the news…you have no idea how many sleepless nights I’ve had from that memory.

I don’t usually hate being alone but during these times, I always wish I had someone around me who would say that everything will be alright and hug me.


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