Mr Fix-It-All

I like being single. I like the freedom of doing things on my own, the joys of knowing I don’t have to answer to anyone and ย the knowledge of hoping for something lovely to happen.

I like being independent …though sometimes I wish I do have a significant other especially when my heating system is busted or when I needed someone to fix the leaky pipe in the kitchen or make the coffee table wobble less or to wash my car or to fix that funny noise in the engine…

I don’t need a husband, what I need is a handyman..hahaha

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Call Day

Since I work in a branch of medicine known as acute medicine (emergency, intensive care, anaesthetics) and just finish a stint in ICU (intensive care unit) and currently working in ED (emergency department), this is how I feel everyday when I go to work:

And yes i’ve been through all those scenarios in the video..sometimes a daily occurrence ๐Ÿ˜›

This kind of work makes me appreciate my days off even more. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stressed always,


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Delayed, but here it is…

Yesterday’s Happiments:

1. Chosen healthier meals for whole day: 2 Subway sandwiches (only!) + 1 home-brewed latte + lots of juice + tiny chicken pie
2. Braving the storm and traffic positively through K-Pop and Gaga
3. 5 canceled lessons (2 sick, 1 no transport, 2 orientation session) turned out to be major Me-Time
4. Final lap of the flu + sore throat race (I can see the finishing line…)
5. Editing yet another video and publishing it online – I’m one step closer to being an iMovie demigoddess.

Any ideas/recommendations of good podcasts? Like one of those Yoga At Home kinds?

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Alright… I’ve downloaded the wordpress app for my iPhone & will try to stick to a regular schedule.

I recently came across a pile of Mom’s old Gratitude Journals – a nifty way for writers like her creative self to express the best outlook on life before one closes their eyes each night.

She either picked this up from Oprah or Elisabeth Kubler Ross… But I’m gonna give this a try. Carpe diem, right?

5 things I’m grateful for today:

1. A wonderful boyfriend who cooks a meat-free, high fibre healthy meal for a pretty sick me… while he’s on a 21-day Master Cleanse (ie. Lemon, water, maple syrup & cyan pepper ONLY). Imagine the discipline!

2. Watching a classical concert on DVD while snuggled on couch.

3. A supportive mentor / friend / inspiration.

4. A backbone.

5. “I love you. Don’t forget that.”

What’s your happiments today?


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