Delayed, but here it is…

Yesterday’s Happiments:

1. Chosen healthier meals for whole day: 2 Subway sandwiches (only!) + 1 home-brewed latte + lots of juice + tiny chicken pie
2. Braving the storm and traffic positively through K-Pop and Gaga
3. 5 canceled lessons (2 sick, 1 no transport, 2 orientation session) turned out to be major Me-Time
4. Final lap of the flu + sore throat race (I can see the finishing line…)
5. Editing yet another video and publishing it online – I’m one step closer to being an iMovie demigoddess.

Any ideas/recommendations of good podcasts? Like one of those Yoga At Home kinds?

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Happy Birthday!!

To our most beautiful and talented Musician: happy birthday!!!

Please have a lovely day, a wonderful and successful year..and most importantly, a joyous one 🙂

Loving you always,
Meddie in Melbourne

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What I Want!!!

All I Want:

It’s the annualBariah‘s Wish List” a.k.a What To Get Bariah for her upcoming birthday in May”. Honestly, rather than wondering what in the world to get me, just scroll down this list and voila (!) life is easy! (I’ll try and act surprised as well..haha)

1.  You can’t go wrong with an espresso machine esp if it’s red in colour! (I have no idea when am I going to actually stand in front of it and start frothing milk..but hey, at least I know it’s there if I want to do so!!)


2. A Bose Ipod SoundDock

Would make any music fan happy!!

3. Lonely Planet‘s 132 Seize The Days

I need to find inspiration to go somewhere – even if it’s only a one hour break!!

4. Something chic & Gucci Pelham Guccisima Bag 

I’ve been eyeing this bag for ages but too poor to buy it..*sad*

5. A Trans-siberian railway ticket ..return please..not one way to Siberia!

but I will settle for a flight ticket to Russia actually..


6. Of course you can’t go wrong with shoes…

or money..or make up..or money.. I’m not that fussy..really!!

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I reckon it’s time for a quick update!

We’re obviously very busy people.

I’m busy attending to err..some very colourful people and don’t even have time to sleep.Okay, scratch that. I’m a chronic insomniac and my sleeping habits have always been blergh. But yeah, psychiatry is very enjoyable though I don’t think I want to make it as a career. It’s very subjective and I prefer things to be in black and white but it’s still a very interesting field!

After nearly one month of no news, we’ve finally track down (or is it tracked down?? is there a past tense for ‘track’?) meddie number 2. It seems her email addy’s gone haywire so she didn’t receive any news about our fantastic project. Hopefully after this we’ll hear some news from her!

Mad Meddie and Musician Maestro in Newcastle 2006

Two gorgeous girls in a gorgeous part of Australia. 

I need another holiday!!!

(I just realised I’m a whinger! Hahaha)

Till next time,

.:. студент-медика .:.

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Memory Lane

Going through my collection of pictures and I found some old ones, the ones that reminds us of all when we were young and carefree and having no worries at all. Honestly, I can’t remember what year these pictures are taken (maybe the musician can fill you up with that info. I have a rather bad long-term memory!) but do try to spot us!  We were young…  We were free..  Guides ..uhh..Form One (or Two?)..  With the girls at Kinta City. Well, those were the times, eh? Now we’re all older, with more responsibility and more wrinkles (!) but hopefully we all will still keep in touch. (It’s very obvious I have nothing to write about and I should be doing work but am procrastinating!!) The loony meddie (hey, it rhymes!!)

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A kiss is still a kiss

You can never forget a good kisser.

You will certainly never forget a very short fling with a good kisser.

And my gosh, did that whole memory of the encounter hit me like a pheromone overdose. I am not the kind to kiss and tell, so all I will say is that nothing happened. As in no baby-making procedures. Just a nice hot wow on a cold night.

How’s that for my first post on Les Trois?

I have the right to blame my hormones. Go ask that meddie.

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