adventures during easter

at long last!!!! i’m back in the blogging scene. to my beautiful friends (musician & fellow med stud), here it is, a massive flood of ‘things-that-happened-lately’…here goes…

 the past 3 weeks has been my easter break. its been amazing. it was a time for reflection, reading, reading, and more reading…..and travelling! a couple of friends and i went to the isle of skye, which is up north of scotland. my first tour-group travel…never did i foresee such fun!!! bubbly americans (i just love ’em), a teacher from poland, friends from south africa, a french couple (un cafe, anyone?), china dudes, and an insaaaane tour guide, these all made up for an unforgettable getaway to the scottish highlands.

there was this time when our tour guide, Doug, stopped the bus next to a red phonebooth, in the middle of nowhere, and was like, “Okay, I wanna see how many people can fit into this phonebooth. The last record was 11, lets see how many we can fit this time!” And then he looked at my friend and I. “You two are DEFINITELY going in.” we had 12 in there…..I was absolutely squished! absolutely mental and hilarious!!! so yeah, we did it!

And he made us climb this mountain, and wow, i actually sun-bathed. really, i did. we chilled at the top and when it was time to leave, Doug challenged us to a highland charge….so there we were (he wanted to film us, so he was down below) all motivated and at the word ‘go’, we went for it! we charged downhill, yes, we literally could not stop even if we wanted to. it was keep-on-running or trip-and-fall.

oh, and i saw, guess who? hamish the highland cow!! it is the cutest, nearly-blond creature ever! he was like peaking through the well-combed hair over his eyes, enjoying the attention.

seriously, it was one wacky trip. the kinda trip we remember with a smile on our faces and itch to tell the world. travelling is the bomb. the travelling bug hasn’t left me yet, though. i wanna go down under one day. i really do.

so back to the real world. third year finals are like in a month and a half. bariah, i cant believe you’re like in 5th year!!! wow, my sincerest salute to you gurl! as for now, life is rosy, spring just brings such hope…:)

 i’ve been reading voraciously lately. life of pi by yann martel is good. the kite runner is absolutely a page turner. works by terry pratchet are engaging. oh, and zadie smith’s white teeth…i’m still half way through. its a little lengthy but writing style is good. i’ve tried newer writers like ali smith, dbc pierre who wrote vernon god little, but i somehow can’t seem to ‘get’ their work. i dont feel this wholesomeness like reading little women, or black beauty, or wuthering heights (remember, we were made to read them in tcs?). i tried the curious incident of the dog in the night time, but i couldn’t finish it, i just couldn’t!

but u know, the more i read, the more i realise i have yet to read thousands of other great titles out there. oh, and, not a good idea when credit card balance is on the rocks….it’s a tempting, sinister place, i tell u.

well, then, i’m trying to savour the last free weekend i have. i’m gonna make me-self a cup of tea. so, till the day i go to australia, here’s a virtual hug from edinburgh!

 long live our blog!!!!

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Greetings From Edinburgh!!!

Hey there y’all!

So here I am, all the way in the land of the Scots. Edinburgh is everything i imagined…and soo much more! To be honest, before i flew over, i was a little apprehensive about forming such high expectations about edinburgh, but i couldn’t help it! and to my delight, edinburgh didn’t dissappoint.

Princes street is, as modern legend has it, a street with an unbelievably picturesque view, and well, i must confess to developing a new potentially pocket-damaging lightning reflex when picking up items and paying them. when i’m shopping till my metatarsal joints hurt, adrenaline pumping, i also feel this sense of serenity, coz there’s something about this city that sort of encourages me to pause, reflect and just enjoy the moment.

I also had this TORTUOUS climb up to arthur’s seat, which is a hill just on the outskirts of the city. but the aches and dypnoea i experiences were worth it. when i reached the top of arthur’s seat, i paused for a moment, took in the air and thought to myself, “Now this is what I came here for. I’m really here. Wow.”

Edinburgh is inspiring, cold, and though larger than life, it’s still warm and friendly. i can finally say this, “I’m in love.”


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